Fire Department

Fire Department To Report a Fire: Call 911

Fire Prevention and Inspection Bureau Call (251) 452-6459

Fire Department non-emergency phone number (251) 308-2241
Burning Permits can be obtained from the Fire Department.

The Fire Department is located at 70 Lee Street.

The Chickasaw Fire Department is a fully staffed, state-certified department that has trained personnel to provide fire suppression and EMS skills. Each employee has been through the EMT program and all are state-certified firefighters.

We have an average response time in the city of 3 minutes and operate 3 trucks with a pumping capacity of 4500 gallons a minute and are staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Contact the Fire Department if your would like a class. Boy Scout troops and any other civic group can come and tour the station and equipment. Please call in advance to arrange a class at a certain time.

The fire dept. is always accepting tax deductible donations for equipment and or further training.